Client's Vision

Your personal artist will have a discussion with plan, sketches and sample images provided by the customer.

We shall arrange a call from our end at a time of your convenience. You are requested to get as many stakeholders available for this call..

3D Modeling

2D to 3D Modelling requires an average of 3-4 business days, complex projects taking longer.

The 3D Models shall be shared either as snapshots from multiple angles or a video walkthrough of the property based on the customer requirement.

Materials & Texturing

The 3D artist applies images to the 3D models to make them look as realistic as possible.This step is analogous to painting a physical model or gluing materials and photographs onto it.

We shall be submitting the low-resolution images for final approval.

Final Delivery

The artist makes the requested revisions to the scene, textures, and lights until the desired results are achieved. The agreed-upon final 2D image or images are provided to the client.

Depending on the desired resolution, the images will be provided in a specific format to support and size.


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